exotic birds in cancun

Top exotic birds in Cancun

It’s not any news that the nature and exotic birds in Cancun. One of the characteristics that most distinguishes our city is the beach, of course, but what about the fauna? In Cancun you can find different species of fish, reptiles, and mammals, but today we will talk specifically about the Cancun birds that inhabit our area, especially in Yucatan. Is you are a bird watching fan, you will love the Mexican Caribbean

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Bunting Blue or Colorín Azul

As its name indicates, the Blue Bunting is a bird that is characterized by its bluish feathers, but it is not just any shade of blue. It is an electric blue that will catch your eye in no time. They are tiny, but beautiful. Its erratic flight and its beautiful song will also attract your attention. In Cancun, you can find them in Cozumel, Yucatan or even in Xcaret Park Tour.

bunting blue or colorin azul birdwatching cancun

Icterus Cucullatus

The “Icterus Cucullatus” or better known as the hooded bagger or the zapotero bagger, is a species of passerine bird of Cancun, which is known for being songbirds.
The hooded orioles (icterus Cucullatus) may not be commonly found in Cancun, but, still it is possible to see them.

icterus cucullatus birdwatching

The city’s rich ecosystem offers visitors the opportunity to observe a wide variety of bird species. From pelicans to egrets and many more, Cancun is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts. Book a tour guide and experience the natural beauty of Cancun’s diverse avian population.

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The presence of flamingos in Yucatan is not strange for us locals. Flamingos are characteristic exotic birds in Cancun an all of the region, especially when it is nesting season. These birds are tall and slender, measuring from 80 cm to 1.40 cm, with very long legs and necks. Something very characteristic of them is their long and curved beak, and of course, their color, which ranges from pale pink to almost red.

flamingos in cancun and yucatan

Currently, they are protected by the Ciénagas y Manglares State Reserve of the North Coast of Yucatán.

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Loro Yucateco

The Yucatecan Parrot, also known as the Yucatecan Amazon, is a bird that belongs to the parrot family, small in size that inhabits areas of Yucatan. These birds are characterized by being quite curious; because of their bright colors and because they can articulate words by imitation.  They are extremely social and calm. They live in tropical forests and open areas. In Cancun, you can find them in Adventure Parks like Extreme Adventuring.

loro yucateco birds in cancun

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Canoe Billed Tucan

Surely you have already seen them, because they are very striking birds like the Yucatecan Parrot. The Canoe-billed Toucan is a bird with brightly colored plumage, a member of the toucan family. It is characterized being a bird that is always pecking at its food and for being quite social and, of course, for its colorful beak that can measure up to 16 cm long.

canoe billed tucan birdwatching

Its habitat is in the tropical jungles of Yucatan, however, you can also find it on Xcaret Park Tour.

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It is a very exotic bird due to its colorful bulb or red ball that it carries on its chest, which contrasts with its body and black plumage. It feeds mainly on fish, so it lives near to the coasts of the Mexican Caribbean and you could come across one of them either in an eco park in Cancun, on the beach, or even on the sea while you are sailing in a catamaran. Cancun has many exotic birds.

frigatebird in caribbean mexican cancun what to do

You can spot them at Extreme Adventure Eco Park or Cenotes Adventuring Tour. Bird watching is popular in the area. These amazing birds are protected, so give them some space and respect. Though social, they need their privacy. Come visit soon and enjoy!

Birdwatching in Cancun

Cancun’s unique ecosystem attracts a diverse range of birdlife, making it a prime location for birdwatching. Visitors can witness the incredible variety of bird species by exploring the area’s natural habitats such as the Yucatan Peninsula’s wetlands, mangroves, and lagoons. It is essential to book a professional birdwatching tour guide to ensure a safe and rewarding experience.

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