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Tora Cancun

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An Exquisite Japanese Culinary Experience

Tora Cancun is an exceptional restaurant that presents a contemporary concept of Fine Japanese cuisine. Hence Tora integrates ancient and avant-garde techniques and becomes one of the best restaurants in Cancun and Tulum. The balance between culinary traditions and the creativity of modern cuisine merges with the selection of the best quality gourmet products to bring this concept to the table.

Tora Cancun Menu

The menu at Tora Cancun includes exclusive products such as Kaluga Queen caviar, Big Eye Tuna, and Ora King salmon (considered the finest in the world). Includes U2 tiger shrimp with impressive size, coveted Alaskan King Crab, and a wide assortment of lobster. This has placed Tora as one of the best fish and seafood restaurants in Cancun.

The menu incorporates both hot and cold spectacular Japanese items, such as sushi, Maki, Nigiri, and sashimi with outstanding quality and artistic plating. In Japanese restaurants, it is flattering to hear the guest say “Omakase,” which means “to put yourself in the chef’s hands,” so he can prepare dishes with what he considers the best and freshest fish of the day. Omakase is a challenge to the chef, so he can show his culinary talent and skill to surprise his guests.

Tora Cancun Photos

This Restaurant is part of Bohemian Square, an avant-garde complex of Grupo RosaNegra that brings together international cuisine, exceptional dishes, art, fashion, music, signature mixology, and life happenings, making it the party spot for bohemian souls. Moreover, Tora Cancun even has a dock where visitors who arrive by boat or yacht receive a warm welcome and where romantic dinners can be arranged for a very special night.

On the other hand Tora Cancun is the perfect option for those looking for a romantic dinner with their partner. You can accompany your culinary experience with the best views at sunset. Furthermore, finish your evening by sharing a dessert while admiring the beauty of the Nichupte Lagoon.

Where is this restaurant

Tora Cancun, located in Bohemian Square, is the most exclusive complex in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. It invites you to enjoy the best views and sunsets over the lagoon. The large dining patio is followed by a large staircase. It is leading to a huge wooden deck over the water. Where natural candles and spacious lounges create the perfect ambiance to live and enjoy memorable evenings.

Follow the address on Km 15 of the Hotel Zone, making it very close to the best hotels in Cancun.

Consequently this Restaurant prepares every dish in-house with great care for hygiene standards. Please keep in mind that the weight of dishes may vary depending on the preparation or cooking method. Additionally, consuming raw ingredients in some words is at your own risk. The prices on the menu include taxes and are listed in Mexican pesos. Although gratuity is not compulsory, it is greatly appreciated.