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Chambao Cancun Restaurant

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Located in Bohemian Square, in Cancun’s hotel zone, Chambao Cancun Restaurant is a nice place that specializes in exclusive cuts of meat steakhouse. Its spaces merge gastronomy, art, and entertainment, creating an intimate and seductive atmosphere by the Nichupté lagoon. The perfect blend of nature and sophistication.

Explore their culinary paradise with their Dry Aged House selection of meats, carefully aged in-house, their Japanese Beef Reserve featuring Kobe and Wagyu, and their Butcher’s Boutique, a specialized store where you can purchase the finest cuts. This a great option if you are looking for Where to dine in Cancun.

Chambao Cancun Menu Prices

Discover a culinary journey with the most exclusive meat cuts and the finest selection of seafood, accompanied by intriguing and delightful cocktails.

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Chambao Restaurant is part of the exceptional RosaNegra Group’s Bohemian Square complex, which brings together its restaurants, offering diverse cuisines, exceptional dishes, signature mixology, art, fashion, and music. It is a must-visit for locals and travelers worldwide seeking new experiences and discovering trendy city spots.

Cancun Restaurant Dress Code

In order to access Chambao Cancun Restaurant you must bring the following dress code with you: “Elegant casual” this means that you should avoid the following clothes: No shorts, no sleeveless shirts, no sports caps, and no sandals.

Restaurant Location

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In conclusion, Chambao Cancun is located in the Bohemian Square complex, 15 km from the Hotel Zone. As well it is very close to hotels such as Hard Rock Cancun, JW Marriott, Condesa Cancun All Inclusive.

It is located 30 minutes from Cancun downtown. Likewise one hour from Playa del Carmen.

Restaurant Schedule

Hours of operation: Dinner Daily 1:00 pm – 3:00 am

All the Chambao dishes are homemade with the highest hygiene standards. The weights may vary according to the type of preparation or cooking. The consumption of raw food is under your responsibility. the Chambao prices are in Mexican pesos. Tips are not mandatory.