Where are the Mayan Ruins in Mexico

Embarking on a quest to explore the mysteries of the ancient Mayan civilization? Look no further. In this guide, we unravel the secrets of the top 5 Best Mayan ruins to visit while providing insights on how to reach these archaeological wonders from the vibrant city of Cancun.

Where Are the Mayan Ruins in Mexico?

Most of them are located in Quintana Roo or Yucatan states. Start your journey at the nearest Mayan Ruins from Cancun, such as Coba or Tulum. For a dose of history with a view, Tulum is the answer and the first place to start this journey (around 1.4 hours from Cancun). For those who prefer an arranged excursion, we recommend checking our Tulum Tour & Cenote.
The Mayan Ruins in Coba (Around 2 hours away from Cancun), invites explorers to traverse its ancient causeways and ascend the towering Nohoch Mul pyramid. The serenity of Coba provides a stark contrast to the bustling energy of Cancun. The Coba archaeological zone is nearby Tulum, and some tours include these two options at once.

Where Are the Mayan Ruins in Mexico Near Merida?

Beyond the beaten path to Ek Balam (Black Jaguar), a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Depart from Cancun and head towards Valladolid to the well-preserved structures of Ek Balam (2 hours and 15 minutes distance from Cancun). The road less traveled promises a unique Mayan adventure.

Next Stop: Uxmal Mayan Ruin!

Located deep in the Yucatan, Uxmal beckons with its Puuc architecture and timeless allure. A road trip from Cancun to Uxmal taking the shortest road will take you around 4 hours and 15 minutes. As you explore the majestic structures, you’ll realize why Uxmal is a must-visit on any Mayan ruins itinerary.

Last but not least, one of the best Mayan ruins in Mexico: Chichen Itza

A journey to the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula awaits. The well-preserved pyramid of Kukulkan beckons, showcasing the Mayans’ unparalleled understanding of astronomy and architecture, which started roughly in 380 AD.

Opt for a guided tour as our different Chichen Itza tours or venture on your own, and let the ancient stones whisper tales of a bygone era

How Can You Get from Cancun to These Archaeological Wonders?

As you have seen, multiple options await, from guided tours as recommended, bus excursions or rental cars providing the freedom to set your own pace. Each mode of transportation opens a gateway to the rich history and cultural significance of these Mayan sites. Now that you have different options, it’s time to decide what fits better for you.

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