Cenotes Adventuring Tour

Private cenote tour Cancun

Go private, skip the line, and relax in the heart of the rainforest in the Mexican Caribbean in these beautiful secret private cenotes.

Duration: 4 hours

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  • Round trip Transportation
  • Life jacket
  • Specialized and bilingual guides
  • 3 Private Cenotes.
  • 1 zipline in cenote.
  • 1 interactive bridge.
  • Tequila Tasting (intheCenote)
  • Mayan Snack
  • Water

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About Cenotes Adventuring

Let nature surprise you on Cenotes Adveturing Tour with two emblematic cenotes and most importantly, rarely visited (no crowds) in an experience almost private. Swim in crystalline waters and snorkel in the deepest parts of the cenote. Both cenotes have a small waterfall that graces the experience with the sound of falling water.

Jump from the platform

Remember how brave you are by jumping from a small cliff. Check your strength and balance on the paddle board and feel the Mayan jungle in each breath. After cooling off in the cenotes, add intensity to this experience on the zipline through the jungle trees and end with a delicious tequila tasting. So that you feel the Mexican spirit in your veins.

Cave Cenote

Explore the small cavern that forms under the waterfall of one of these cenotes, the natural perspective, and sound of the water falling will make your visit something beyond the tangible.

Tequila tasting

Taste the Mexican spirit and scream Viva Mexico! while you know the different kinds of tequila and taste the flavor of each one. Feel in your skin why Mexicans are always happy. This activity is only for over 18 years old persons.

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Not Included

  • Professional photographs
  • Gratuities


A good discount cancun excursions to visit cenotes adventuring privately and not be crowded in the same cenote. We can even jump with calm and swim. the Nature is put to better use creating an astonishing experience for privacy lovers.

Chanice Peck

Private is better

One of the best cancun excursion deals to visit beautiful cenotes quietly with everything included, excellent food and a very interesting combination of flavors. We taste some tequila and we loved it.

Killian Herman

One of the best

A nice day out, however not exactly as described. The reason for giving it 3 stars are as follow. We are first time travellers to Cancun and when the trip said the experience was in the Cancun area we were keen to go. However, approx 2 hours of the 5 and half hour experience was travelling time.

Tammy B.

Short Time

The private cenotes tour is one of the cool things to do in cancun, being surrounded by staggering nature spots with flavorful Mayan snacks and great service. It’s like a private pool party but in the jungle with a very Mexican style.

Rebeca Pugh

Cool cenotes

Amazing mayan snakcs and stunning Cancun Zipline Park

Great cenote tour cancun A wonderful experience, we had a great time, they treated us with luxury, our guide Enrique made sure that we had everything we needed to have a great time. Tour agency in Cancun highly recommended if you come in a group.

Junaid Parker

Cenote Tour Cancun

We loved the experience of getting away from the hustle and bustle to relax in these private cenotes, the 100% natural environment and the food make the visit pleasant. The tequila tasting was a lot of fun, unfortunately we felt it was short lived, the 4 hours we were here felt like minutes. Our Guide Osmar was very kind.

Annalise Moon

Best Cenotes

what do you do in cancun visiting the most crowded cenotes. These private cenotes, in addition to being beautiful, are highly conspicuous and the service is really charming we love it and will be back soon.

Kaden Freeman

Charmen place

The experience advertised paddleboarding, but what we got was one board and no paddle between a group of 4 and was told that the private cenote isn’t really big enough for paddleboarding. The cenotes tour Cancun themselves were lovely, but we booked for the paddleboarding aspect. The ziplining park was actually quite fun, and staff very friendly, but everything felt rushed.

Aled Carrillo

Lovely Cenote

About the tequila tasting, I felt that having paid the adult price for my 12-year-old, it would have been nice to have a non-alcoholic drink for him as he didn’t have any fun watching the adults drink. Other than that, the Cenotes Adventuring was great, the Cancun zipline park was stunning and the attention was very warm.

Ela Morales

For Adults