Cancun Coral Reef and Shipwreck Snorkeling Tour Tickets

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Cancun Coral Reef and Shipwreck Snorkeling Tour

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From: $87 USD

Sunken ship tour Includes:

  • Roundtrip Transportation (Check availability at your hotel)
  • Professional bilingual guide
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Visit a Reef
  • Visit Shipwreck
  • Bottled water
  • Showers
  • Lookers

*Please note that the displayed experience time does not include travel time from your location to the activity site, so please plan accordingly as transportation time may vary due to traffic conditions and unforeseen circumstances.*

Cancun Coral Reef Characteristics:

  • Duration: 3.30 hours
  • Private Tour
  • Minimum 4 Participants
  • Open Waters Expedition
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Schedule from at 5:00 pm
  • Minimum age 15 years old
  • For a minimum 4 passengers
  • Max 6 passengers
  • Advanced swimming skills
  • Book 12 hours in advance
  • * Verify your pick-up time and location

Not Included:

  • Gratuities
  • Dock fee $15 USD
  • Lunch
  • Professional Photographies

Discover the Marvels of the Cancun Coral Reef

Welcome to a journey of underwater enchantment in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Join our snorkeling tour and venture into the captivating world of the Cancun Coral Reef, a realm brimming with life, color, and hidden treasures. Get ready for an experience that will leave you in awe of the ocean’s beauty and biodiversity.

Cancun Coral Reef and Shipwreck Snorkeling Tour Tickets

Immerse Yourself in the Cancun Reef Experience

Embarking on this snorkeling adventure means diving into an underwater paradise that’s unlike any other. Our tour takes you to not just one, but three distinct snorkeling locations, each offering a unique glimpse into the diverse marine life that calls the Great Mayan Reef home.

Exploring the Impressive Coral Reef

Your journey begins with a convenient pickup, followed by a safety briefing at the marina. Here, you’ll receive advanced techniques for deep dives and apneas, allowing you to practice freediving during your adventure. Then, it’s time to plunge into the turquoise waters and explore the impressive coral reef. This vibrant ecosystem teems with life—rays gliding gracefully, turtles cruising by, barracudas patrolling, and a kaleidoscope of tropical fish darting through the coral formations.

Journey through Seagrass Fields

The wonders of the Cancun Coral Reef don’t stop at the reef itself. Venture into the seagrass fields, where a hidden world of marine creatures thrives. This is an opportunity to witness a diverse range of species, from the smallest inhabitants to larger marine animals, all going about their daily routines in this rich ecosystem.

Uncover a Sunken Ship

As if the coral reef and seagrass fields weren’t enough, the adventure takes an intriguing twist as you snorkel above a sunken ship. This shipwreck, nestled not far from the coast, offers a unique perspective of the underwater world. Explore its intricate details, observe how marine life has made it their home, and let your imagination wander as you ponder the ship’s history.

All-Inclusive Experience

We’ve got your comfort and convenience covered. Your tour includes round-trip transportation from your hotel, top-notch snorkeling equipment, and the chance to visit a breathtaking reef, the renowned Underwater Museum, and the fascinating sunken ship. Stay hydrated with bottled water, and after your adventure, enjoy a refreshing shower and utilize lockers for your belongings.

Embark on Your Snorkeling Adventure

Are you ready to experience the wonder of the Cancun Coral Reef? Dive into the Caribbean’s embrace and witness the magic that unfolds beneath the waves. Book your snorkeling tour now to uncover the hidden gems of the sea, encounter captivating marine life, and explore the secrets of the sunken ship

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Unforgettable Underwater Journey

The Sunken Ship Snorkel Tour in Cancun was an unforgettable journey! Exploring the coral reef, swimming through seagrass fields, and discovering the sunken ship were surreal experiences.

Kirsty Rodriguez

February 2024

Marine Wonderland The Sunken Ship Snorkel Tour in Cancun was a marine wonderland! Witnessing the diverse marine life in the coral reef and the excitement of exploring a shipwreck left us in awe.

Caleb Hatfield

April 2024

Enchanting Underwater Beauty The Sunken Ship Snorkel Tour in Cancun was enchanting! Snorkeling through vibrant coral reefs, seagrass fields, and uncovering a sunken ship felt like a magical adventure.

Tabitha Wagner

March 2024

Awe-Inspiring Marine Diversity The Sunken Ship Snorkel Tour in Cancun showcased awe-inspiring marine diversity! Swimming alongside turtles, rays, and exploring the sunken ship was a highlight of our vacation.

Roger Bender

January 2024

Breathtaking Underwater Exploration The Sunken Ship Snorkel Tour in Cancun was breathtaking! From the thriving coral reef to the shipwreck's mysteries, every moment of the tour was filled with wonder.

Syeda Powell

May 2024

Beyond Expectations The Sunken Ship Snorkel Tour in Cancun exceeded our expectations! Snorkeling in the coral reef, seagrass fields, and discovering the sunken ship created memories for a lifetime.

Liam Cotton

May 2024

Unveiling Underwater Treasures The Sunken Ship Snorkel Tour in Cancun was an adventure of a lifetime! Exploring the coral reef, the hidden wonders of seagrass fields, and the sunken ship was truly remarkable.

Bailey Mullins

February 2024

Oceanic Marvels The Sunken Ship Snorkel Tour in Cancun allowed us to witness oceanic marvels! From the lively coral reef to the fascinating sunken ship, every moment was captivating.

Bethan Holder

November 2023

Fantastic Marine Exploration

The shipwreck Snorkel Tour in Cancun offered fantastic marine exploration! Snorkeling through the reef and seagrass was incredible, though the sunken ship was a bit hard to spot.

Aleeza Kelley

November 2023

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