What To Do In Cancun Hotel Zone


What to do in Cancuns Hotel Zone offers a variety of fun options for spending your vacations. Its location allows you to explore fantastic nearby locations. Such as Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, and Tulum.

How Long Is The Hotel Zone In Cancun?

The Hotel Zone of Cancun is 22.5 kilometers long (14 miles) from north to south. It is surrounded by water. On one side, you have the famous Nichupte Lagoon, and on the other side, the beautiful Caribbean.

Half-Day Excursion In Cancun Hotel Zone?

Aquatic experiences are the highlight of Cancun. There are activities in the lagoon and ocean, some of them are mixed, and will explore both on the same tour. These are the most popular activities you should consider to try in your trip to Cancun:

Jungle Tour and Snorkeling:

Drive your own speedboat into the channels of the mangrove of Laguna Nichupte. Most of them take you to snorkel in the reef for around 30 minutes. This combo perfectly blends adrenaline, adventure, and nature.

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This excursion sets sail from Nichupte Lagoon, and it is a guided tour where you drive your own boat, going in the same group as others. Your ride to the snorkeling spot is about 35 minutes, and after snorkeling, another 35 minutes back.
For adventure seekers, in some parts of the lagoon, your tour guide signals you to speed up, which makes it so much fun. On the other hand, snorkeling in the reef is a worthy activity. You can easily spot many fishes, rays, crabs, luckily a sea turtle, nurse sharks, or Eagle rays. This is one of those adventures you want to do again.

Jet Ski in the Lagoon or Ocean:

Looking for more adrenaline? Jet skis in Cancun are pretty famous too, and so much fun! There are two modalities you can opt for only driving on the lagoon side or driving and snorkeling. The prices for jet skis are pretty variable. They usually charge per hour, depending on the package you choose.

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Cancun Glass Boat:
The famous glass boat tour is a unique experience for ocean lovers. The crystal-clear boat lets you see below. It is a short experience that lasts around 1.5 hours and is a good option for family trips.
Another point to consider is that this experience is an affordable option compared to other excursions in Cancun and is 100% worth it. You can bring your kids and let them enjoy the crystal-clear water, definitely one of the best things to do in the Cancun hotel zone.

Parasailing in Cancun:

Underwater is good, but flying is another level. Parasailing is safer than it looks like, but choosing a reliable tour operator like us is a priority. This short activity lasts 10 to 12 minutes, while you fly 80 meters above, the boat sails in Cancun’s crystal-clear waters, giving you a warm view of the sea and Cancun Hotel Zone. You will want to do it again. To make this experience way more worth it, get a package that includes snorkeling after flying, so you can enjoy more of these beautiful Caribbean waters.

Diving In Cancun

Try Scuba diving for non-certified divers:

Scuba diving in Cancun is a must-do option, and the best part is that you don’t necessarily need to be a certified scuba diver to explore the underwater world. The option to try scuba diving is a full-day experience, which will allow you to get a short pool class and 2 dives in the underwater museum and nearby reef.
This place is no deeper than 10 meters or 30 feet, which makes it perfect for non-certified divers and a good option for certified people. If you already are a certified scuba diver or have a plus certification, those dives are a good place to come with friends that are not.



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Deeper Reef dives in Cancun for open water divers:

Following this, there are reef areas in Cancun as well. They are deeper, and only certified scuba divers can dive. What makes them unique is the variety of underwater life you can find. Moreover, odds are bigger to spot a variety of fishes, moray eels, turtles, nurse sharks, Eagle rays, and stingrays. You will love these reef dives.
The reef area is divided by zones, and usually, the captain of the boat chooses them depending on favorable water conditions to make your experience safe and unforgettable. But these are the most famous places you will find: Punta Negra, Grampin, Chitales, Herradura.

snorkel-with-turtles-in-a-shipwreck-in-cancun-tour mini banner

The favorite of divers is Grampin for its swim-throughs you can easily pass through and give you a feeling of a cavern dive. Be aware of diving at least 18 hours before your flight for security protocols.

Other Family Activities To Do In Cancun Hotel Zone:

  1. Shopping: In the hotel zone, you will find many malls. The most famous ones are La Isla, Kukulkan Mall, and Puerto Cancun.
  2. Fun options for families include visiting Ventura Park, an aquatic fun park with many toboggans and other fun options. The park also has dolphins; you can swim with them or see their show.
  3. Interactive Aquarium in Cancun Hotel Zone: This is a nice option to bring kids and show them more about marine life. You can upgrade to swim with dolphins or enjoy the experience of Aquarium Trek, an underwater walk in their aquarium.

Cancun hotel zone aerial view at night with stars

Beach Clubs In Cancun

You may be wondering where to spend a beach party day. Here are the best two beach clubs in Cancun you should visit.

Coco Bongo Beach Party: Enjoy a party day at Coco Bongo Beach Club, full of fun. You can also enjoy the beautiful view relaxing in front of the beach. Bachelorettes love this place, and girls have a worthy discount on their entrances. They count on a pool, happenings, and nice VIP places if you want to upgrade this experience. Book Cocobonbo Beach Party

Mandala Beach Club: Mandala Beach Club has more relaxing zones, and you can come with your family to enjoy a beach day; the beach is one of the most beautiful zones in the hotel zone. They also have convenient packages from only entrance tickets to a Golden Pass entrance which includes your entrance and credit to be used for drinks and snacks, don’t forget to try their famous sushi pizza. Book Mandala Beach Club

Things To Do In Cancun Hotel Zone At Night:

Furthermore, you can enjoy the nightlife in Cancun dining in the best restaurants of the hotel zone like Chambao, Rosa Negra, Funky Geisha, or Taboo. They have different themes, happenings, and shows every day. Moreover, the restaurants have a romantic view of the lagoon, which makes them the perfect place for a date night. They are located in the south of Cancun from km 13.5 to 15 km.

After dining, you can opt to visit their social Club Confessions; from Monday to Friday, they are open from 8 pm to 3 am. With a violinist show happening on Fridays and Saturdays. People like this place for its design, music, and top food.

Night Shows in Hotel Zone

The heart of Cancun’s nightlife is found at km 9, where plenty of nightclubs are found. The most visited place is absolutely Coco Bongo Night Club, very famous for its professional performances of top artists like Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury, and Elvis Presley; it has a complete party atmosphere.

It is important to know the cost of the different tickets can vary depending on the season; their entrances have a higher cost if you want to be in a VIP zone with a table. However, only the regular entrance covers enough like entrance, happenings, drinks (they vary depending on the season), a bottle of water, and a snack. To enter the Coco Bongo club, you must bring an ID and show your tickets.

Night Clubs in Cancun

The second most visited is Mandala Night Club, which is also an option if coming in couples, celebrating with friends and large groups. Their Golden Pass entrance is a good deal if you want to get a table; the cost is 60 USD per person including entrance (20 USD) and 50 USD credit you can use for drinks or snacks in the clubs. This modality also allows you to get a bottle with the credit or upgrade for a table in a VIP zone.

Booking Mandala Tickets through us will save you from long lines, and have easy and smooth access to the nightclub. Don’t forget to bring an ID and the physical card you used to make this purchase. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the club. See More Night Clubs

Free Things To Do In Cancun Hotel Zone

However, Chilling on the beach is always a nice opportunity to relax, and you don’t necessarily need to be staying in a resort. In Cancun, you will find public beaches perfect for hitting the Caribbean water. Forum Beach and Dolphin Beach are the most crowded beaches; you can always get there by taking the public buses R1 or R2 and paying 1 dollar per person or 12 Mexican pesos.

Is Cancun Hotel Zone Safe?

Absolutely safe; you can walk day or night without concern. It is well-protected by authorities, and even public beaches have personnel checking the zone. However, the nightclub zone can be more chaotic because of traffic and crowds.

Finally, Cancun, as a destination, presents numerous enticing possibilities with its amiable locals and stunning natural attractions; you’ll find yourself eager to return.

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