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Dinning style: Mexican, Contemporary, Regional American (Southwest)

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Porfirios Cancun Restaurant

A Culinary Experience You Can’t Miss

Are you visiting Cancun and looking for a restaurant that offers a unique Mexican culinary experience? Then Porfirios Cancun Restaurant! With its exquisite dishes and sophisticated atmosphere, Porfirios Cancun Restaurant is a must-visit for those looking for a high-end dining experience in the heart of Cancun.

The Best of Contemporary Urban Mexican Cuisine

This Cancun Restaurant prides itself on offering the best of Mexican cuisine, using prime ingredients and unique preparation techniques to create a sensory experience in every dish. Their menu is a fusion of contemporary urban cuisine that combines homemade recipes with accents taken from all corners of Mexico. The chef’s touch gives soul and flavor to each dish, creating a unique and memorable dining experience.

Porfirios Dress Code

Porfirios Cancun Restaurant has a dress code that adds to the sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurant. The dress code is elegantly casual, meaning that guests should dress stylishly but comfortably. Men are recommended to wear collared shirts and dress shoes, while women can wear dresses, skirts or dress pants. Avoid flip-flops, shorts, and beachwear.

Porfirios Restaurant Menu

The menu offers a wide variety of dishes, including appetizers, soups, salads, tacos, and entrees. Each dish is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, using only the freshest and finest ingredients.

Some of the most popular dishes include the classic guacamole, beef carpaccio, octopus, and their signature lobster tacos. Be sure to leave room for their decadent desserts, like the tres leches cake and churros.

Read the main Menu

Main CourseAppetizersSoups and SaladsTacos

Gren Enchiladas (4 pieces)
Chicken, fresh cheese, red onion, and sour cream wrapped in soft corn tortillas.

Beef Crispy Tacos (3 pieces)
Crunchy tacos filled with seasoned ground beef, topped with lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. Served with red and green sauces.

Enmoladas (4 pieces)
Chicken wrapped in soft corn tortillas and smothered in a rich almond mole sauce, topped with onion, fresh cheese, and sour cream.

Cheese-Stuffed Poblano Chile (1 piece)
battered poblano pepper stuffed with fresh and gouda cheese, served with rice, beans, and red ranchera sauce.

Fried Chicken and Pulled Pork Sandwich
A sandwich made with crispy fried chicken (4.5 oz) and tender pulled pork (3.5 oz), topped with pickled onions and habanero and jalapeno chilis. Served with beans and mashed potatoes.

Flat Beef Milanese (6.3 oz)
Thinly pounded and breaded beef steak, served with refried black beans, green sauce, gouda cheese, and coriander. Comes with corn tortillas.

Chicken Milanese (7 oz)
Thinly pounded and breaded chicken breast, served with corn cream, rajas poblanas, and cheese.


Beef Stew (10.5 oz)
Tender beef cooked for 12 hours with onion, coriander, key lime, and served with corn tortillas.

Roasted Suckling Pig (10.5 oz)
Slow-roasted suckling pig, served with mashed sweet potatoes with orange, pineapple butter, avocado cream, annatto seed sauce, beetroot, and pork rind.

Trompo al Pastor (17 oz)
Marinated pork cooked on a miniature grill, served with corn tortillas and four quesadillas.

Roasted Pork Shank (2.2 lbs)
Marinated pork shank baked for 8 hours in a spicy adobo sauce, served with beans and purslane.

Braised Short Rib (28.2 oz)
Beef short ribs cooked for 4 hours with spring onion, red serrano chili, avocado, and corn tortillas.


(8.8 OZ) Natural Guacamole

Choose your toppings with an extra charge:
– Roasted Panela Cheese (2.1 oz)
– Grasshoppers (0.5 oz)
– Crispy Pork Rings (2.1 oz)
– Crunchy Tuna (6.3 oz)
– Crunchy Octopus (6.3 oz)
– Rib Eye (7 oz)


Duck Meat Fritter Puff (5 pieces)
Served with tamarind mole, cantaloupe sprouts, and spring onions.

Grilled Bone Marrow (3 pieces)
Served with mushrooms, jalapeno chili, coriander, spring onion, and corn tortillas.
Optionally served with escamoles (4.2 oz)

Rib Eye Huarache with Escamoles (2.6 oz)
Served over beans with creamy avocado and sautéed escamoles with jalapeno chili and epazote.

Cochinita Pibil Casserole (7 oz)
Served with pickled onion, habanero, and corn tortillas.

Hot Stone New York Steak (7 oz)
Thin strips of steak ready to be roasted on a sizzling stone at your table. Served with green sauce, avocado, and spring onion.

Seared New York Beef (10.5 oz)
Served with avocado, onion, coriander, and crispy garlic chips. Flamed tableside with mezcal.

Jalisco Drowned-Style Sandwich (3 pieces, available in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta)
Prepared with pork and red salsa.


Raw Mixed Seafood Ceviche
A mix of shrimp (1.7 oz), octopus (1.7 oz), scallops (1.7 oz), pineapple, orange, cucumber, onion, and red serrano chili. Covered in mango and manzano pepper sauce.

Grilled Oysters (6 pieces)
Gratinated with smoked cheese and chard stewed with chipotle in white wine.

Tuna Tostada (3.5 oz, 2 pieces)
Blue corn tostada with avocado (0.9 oz), chipotle mayo, and coriander soy sauce.

Crispy Baby Calamari (10.5 oz)
Served with red habanero sauce and dry red chili mayo.

Raw Shrimp Spicy Ceviche (5.2 oz)
Made with cucumber, red onion, serrano chili, and coriander.

Salmon Ceviche with Mango (4.2 oz)
Served with avocado and chipotle dressing.

Hiramasa Ceviche (4.2 oz)
Served with avocado cream, radish, purslane, red serrano chili, dry red chili, and key lime sauce.

Octopus Carpaccio
Served with morita chili oil, red serrano chili, jalapeno chili, and pickled red onion.


Coriander (2 pieces)
Crispy gouda cheese sticks with green sauce.

Grilled Panela (4.2 oz)
Served with cactus leaves, peanuts with garlic, and avocado sauce.

Smoked Cheese with Pasilla Syrup (7 oz)
Made in Tenosique, Tabasco and served with corn tortillas.

Fondue Cheese with Shrimps
Melted cheeses with sauteed shrimps in poblano chili and chipotle.



Natural (7 oz)

With Flank Steak

Roasted Corn Chowder:
Creamy corn soup with dried chili sauce oil and a mushroom skewer.

Dry Noodle Soup with Chorizo 7 oz:
Traditional dry noodle soup with chorizo, topped with cream, fresh cheese, and avocado.

Tortilla Soup 10 oz:
A classic Mexican soup with pork rinds, pasilla chili, avocado, fresh cheese, and fried tortilla strips.

Mexican Beef Broth 8.4 oz:
A hearty broth with tender beef, onion, coriander, jalapeno chili, and key lime.

Mango Tamarind 10.2 oz:
A refreshing salad with lettuce, cashews, cranberries, and tamarind sticks, topped with mango-habanero dressing.

Spinach and Goat Cheese 10 oz:
A delicious salad with spinach, goat cheese, peanuts, corn, green apple, bacon, and red fruits vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad 6.3 oz:
A classic salad with fresh lettuce, parmesan cheese, garlic croutons, and Caesar dressing.

Mayan Tacos (3 pieces):
Dark chocolate tortilla filled with avocado mousse, jocoque, cocoa, and peanut hot sauce.

Baja Fish Tacos (3.1 oz, 3 pieces):
Battered grouper fillet with blue corn tortillas, coriander mayo, red cabbage, and coriander.

Soft Tacos (6 pieces):
Pressed pork belly, potato, and beans with green sauce.

Bone Marrow and Beef Tenderloin (3.8 oz, 4 pieces):
Served with caramelized onion, poblano chilli, potato, and dry red chilli with key lime sauce.

Beer Marinated Rib Eye with Pork Rind (3.8 oz, 3 pieces):
Served with spring onion, avocado, radish, and coriander.

Beef Stew with Cheese Crust (6.3 oz, 3 pieces):
Served with beans, gouda cheese, green sauce, and morita chilli sauce.


Tiesos (6 pieces):
Grilled and served with avocado cream, radish, coriander, and red onion. Choose from: Mushroom Stew (3.1 oz) or Red Chilli Beef Stew (3.1 oz).


Shrimp (4.5 oz, 4 pieces):
Sautéed with key lime, beans, avocado, and pickled onion.

Lobster Tail (2.8 oz, 3 pieces):
Sautéed in a pan with white wine, beans, avocado, and chipotle mayo.

Porfirios Cancun Restaurant Photos

Get a glimpse of this Cancun Restaurant before you visit!

Check out the photos and you’ll see the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere that sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. Book a Table Now.

Maximizing Your Experience at Porfirios Cancun Restaurant

To fully enjoy your dining experience, we recommend making a reservation in advance. This ensures that you have a table reserved for you and your party, avoiding any wait times. The restaurant also offers private event spaces, perfect for business meetings or special occasions. Don’t forget to ask about their live music options, including mariachi and DJ performances.

Porfirios Cancun Location

The restaurant is located in the heart of the Cancun Hotel Zone, one of the most popular tourist areas in the city. The restaurant is situated at Kukulcan Boulevard Km 14.2, in the shopping plaza “La Isla Shopping Village.”


If you are driving from downtown Cancun or Cancun International Airport, take the main road towards the Hotel Zone. Once you reach Kukulcan Boulevard, keep driving until you reach Km 12.5. You will find the “La Isla Shopping Village” plaza on your right-hand side. Porfirios is located towards the end of the plaza, next to the lagoon.

If you are staying at a hotel in the Cancun Hotel Zone, you can reach Porfirios by taking a taxi or public transportation. Most hotels in the area offer shuttle buses that can take you to the main shopping plazas, including “La Isla Shopping Village.” Once you arrive at the plaza, head towards the lagoon, and you will find Porfirios on the right.

Porfirios Cancun is conveniently located, making it easily accessible for tourists and locals alike. The restaurant’s prime location offers stunning views of the Nichupte Lagoon, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a meal while admiring Cancun’s beauty.

Restaurant Schedule

This Restaurant in Cancun is open daily from 1:00 pm to 2:00 am. They serve lunch and dinner during this time.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an exceptional culinary experience in Cancun, look no further than Porfirios Cancun Restaurant. From their exquisite dishes to their sophisticated atmosphere, Porfirios Cancun Restaurant is the perfect choice for those seeking high-end dining in Cancun. Be sure to make a reservation in advance, dress appropriately, and come hungry!

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Dress code: Formal

Dinning style: Mexican, Contemporary, Regional American (Southwest)

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